Jun 28, 2009

Just made it...it took me one whole day to make it ready...hope my friend will like this work as she picked up the stone from my stones collection but did not know what design i would choose...we will see today...

Jun 26, 2009

The idea was picked up from some German blog (as far as I remember) but the ball there was made as a fulleren...To be honest I do not like football much...though it was a pleasure to bead the ball :-) Hope my friend will like this key chain...though he does not know yet about this small present...sh!!!!!!....let it be a surprise ;-)

Jun 24, 2009

This is what I see every time when I come from work...Liza thinks that freedom is something that belongs to rabbits since the creation of the world :-) When I let her out she acts like the rabbits from Duracell commercials...runs and jumps like crazy and it seems like I have a herd of hippoes at home :-)

Jun 23, 2009

Made this one for my friend to match with the dark green dress...there are also braslet and ear-rings in the set but the pictures are not good...may be later when i have photoshop i will make them look nice and post here :-)

I loved to work with this ammonite...It gives a touch of antiquity and history...i will try to make the better picture when the braid for it is ready...

Jun 19, 2009

Nice surprise

Yesterday when I came to my working place I found a vase with a bunch of beautiful flowers on my table...The flower smell made me feel all day as if I was in the garden...Thanks to my colleague for this great feeling :-) (the picture was taken with my mobile but still gives the impression of the bouquet)

Jun 17, 2009

Greek "vase"

A wooden egg and beads can become a vase...

Garnet Drops

This one was made for my mom :-)

Sometimes a combination of 2 well known pattens can add a new look...

Blue Bead

It is what you can make out of "a little bit of everything" :-)