Aug 8, 2010

What I made last weekend/Что я натворила в прошлые выходные

Был у меня творческий запой, шила не покладая рук всю прошлую субботу и воскресение...Выкладываю только сейчас, так как у меня гостили мама с сестрой...было немного не до блога :-)
I had creativity explosure last weekend...was sewing like crazy...Posting the pictures only now as i had my mom and sister visting me...was a little busy :-)
Тетрадка и пенал шились для сестры...Пойдет с обновками в институт (это я продолжаю кромсать старые джинсы):
Notebook cover and pencil box were made for my sister...She is a student so they will be useful for her (they are made from my old jeans): 

Сшила себе сумочку, очень простую, без подкладки, чтобы попробовать стежку и как пришивать карман ...тренировалась, в общем :-)
Made also a bag for me, very simple one just to try how to make quilting stitches and a other words was practicing :-)
И еще подруге с работы подарила сумочку, уже с подкладкой...
And one more bag was made as a present to my friend from work...
Сегодня крою еще две сумки...думаю, закончу до следующих выходных :-)
Today was cutting out two more bags...hope to finish them will the next weekend :-)

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  1. What great projects, Yulia! I'm sure your sister was thrilled with her notebook cover and pencil bag. And your bags are great! I love your patchwork one, and the stitches on your friend's bag are so cool! Keep up the good work - you'll be turning out all kinds of goodies soon! :o)

    BTW, I hope those fires in Moscow are under control now and that they are not any where near where you are!!!!