Jan 12, 2011


Давненько не выкладывала фотки зайчули...она уже освоилась в новой квартире и пробует на зуб ковер...зараза ушастая :-)
I realized that I did not post my bunny's pictures for long...she got used to the new apartment and tries to eat my carpet...little beast :-)
Это она обиделась...и я тоже...мне ковер тоже нравится, но я же его не грызу :-D
Here she feels offended...and me too...I like the carpet too but do not eat it :-D
Не волнуйтесь, мы опять подружились...даже с ковром :-)))
Do not worry we are friends again...even with the carpet :-)))


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  2. Yulia, I am so sorry that I haven't written in a while I've been having some computer problems with my e-mail - again! Would you please send me your new address again...when my e-mail crashed it took your address with it! :o( I thought I wrote it down in my address book, but apparently I didn't.

    Liza looks so adorable. I'm glad that she is happy in her new home, but hope that she will stop eating your carpets! It's definitely not good for her...or the carpet! :o)

    Hope you're doing well...write when you can!



  3. Hi Liza. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little rabbit is so cute -- I think he and Bunners would get along wonderfully if they weren't half a world apart. Have a colorful day.

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  5. Hi Liza... cute rabbit! sooo cute. Just adorable animals.. even if they do naughty things... love your creations. Lisa

  6. Как хорошо, когда в душе остаешься пятилетним ребенком, существом добрым-добрым. Дальнейших успехов, милая!