May 29, 2011

Key Mat/Подставка для ключей

Наконец-то у моих ключей появилось место...Подсмотрела идею где-то на просторах инета, все очень просто и быстро...Теперь ключам будет уютно, и мне удобно - не нужно искать куда их положила :-)
My keys got their place at last...I saw this idea somewhere in the internet, it can be done simple and fast...Now my keys would feel cosy and it will be convenient to me even - no need to look for them everywhere :-)

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea, Yulia, and the fabrics you used are so cute! I need to make on of those for Jeff to keep his keys in...he's ALWAYS losing them!

    I'll write to you tomorrow!